Apply to host EWTEC

Who is eligible to apply?

Only a University or a Research Institute may apply to hold EWTEC. Conference venues or professional organizers cannot apply, but they can work together with an eligible institution to prepare an application and if successful, to host EWTEC.

What is the process?

The process for applying to host EWTEC consists of filling out the relevant application form and presenting the case to the EWTEC Technical Committee at the preceding conference.

EWTEC conferences are normally fixed four years in advance, and the next slot for consideration by the committee is for EWTEC 2027.

In order for prospective hosts to be considered for EWTEC 2027 they must fill in the application form a month in advance, and make their case by presenting to the Technical Committee at the 2023 conference in BIlbao. You will need to register to attend in order to present your case.

Please complete the form below and additionally send to the EWTEC Secretariat ( along with a breakdown of expected costs.

Please also give details of facilities available
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