Track Directors: Role

Track Directors are experts in their field who volunteer to co-ordinate and oversee EWTEC’s two-stage reviewing process, upholding the Conference’s reputation for academic rigour and quality. Please see the updated list of Track Directors for the present conference.


Track director Instructions

From 2023, EWTEC is using the OJS system for paper submission and review. TDs: please use this guide to help familiarize yourself with the process and platform along with a recorded webinar (chapters included in the description to facilitate skipping to the relevant section).


Q. I have requested a review, but the reviewer can’t see the file. What is going on?

A. The review was requested before starting a new review round. Starting a new review round automatically makes the submitted full paper accessible to reviewers, otherwise it isn’t. All is not lost – this can be rectified by: (1) download the submitted full paper (2) Upload it as a review file (3) edit the review assignment(s) to give access to the file to reviewers. Note that in this case, having uploaded the paper manually, there is no need to start a new review round.