Wednesday Schedule

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Wednesday August 30th, 2017 Schedule


08:45 – 10:05 – Paper Presentations 

Station-Keeping, Moorings and Foundations 2

Kane Building, Room G01

#897 Mooring Load Management for SR2000 Floating Tidal Device Using Non-Linear Polymer Components P. McEvoy
#914 Engineering Analysis of the Submergence as a Survivability Strategy for Floating OWCs P. Vicente, K. Krugel, M. Lopes, R. Gomes, J. Doussal, S. Girardin, F. Gorintin, M. Philippe
#921 A Physical Mooring Comparison for a Floating OWC B. Howey, K. Collins, P. Vicente, R. Gomes, V. Harnois, M. Hann, G. Iglesias, D. Greaves
#992 Efficient Modelling of Bottom Friction and Multi-Floater Mooring Systems in MoorDyn M. Hall


Economical, Social, Legal and Political Aspects of Ocean Energy 1

Kane Building, Room G19

#1149 Ocean Energy Ireland: Modelling and Analysis of Innovation needs for Deployment by 2050 A. Elia, A. Chiodi, F. Rogan, B. O’ Gallachoir
#738 Exploring Marine Energy Potential in the UK Using a Whole Systems Modelling Approach A. Stegman
#779 Demonstration of a Socio-Economic Cost of Energy Analysis of a Wave Energy Converter Array D. Crooks, A. de Andres, E. Medina-Lopez, H. Jeffrey, P. Ruiz-Minguela
#891 Ocean Energy in Europe: Assessing Support Instruments and Cost-Reduction Needs D. Magagna, R. Monfardini, A. Uihlein


Tidal Device Development & Testing 7

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#990 Effects of Free Stream Turbulence on Tidal Turbines. Part I – Blade Hydrodynamics & Loading A. Lawrence, A. Vinod, A. Banerjee
#993 Effects of Free Stream Turbulence On Tidal Turbines. Part II – Turbine Performance and Near Wake Characteristics A. Vinod, A. Lawrence, A. Banerjee
#1027 Cavitation Observations of a Full- and Model-Scale Instream Turbine R. Starzmann, S. Bischof
#1037 Improving Reliability in a Sea of Risk P. McKeever


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 8

Kane Building, Room G02

#956 Identification and Validation of Excitation Force for a Heaving Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter B. Guo, R. Patton, S. Jin
#971 CFD Modelling Coupled with Floating Structures and Mooring Dynamics for Offshore Renewable Energy Devices using the Proteus Simulation Toolkit T. de Lataillade, A. Dimakopoulos, C. Kees, L. Johanning, D. Ingram, T. Tezdogan
#972 A Search Group Algorithm for Wind and Wave Farm Layout Optimization S. Bossuyt, V. Stratigaki, R. Lopez, P. Troch, A. Kortenhaus
#979 The Wave Field Before a U-OWC Breakwater L. Gurnari, P. Filianoti


Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 7

West Wing Building, WW6

#978 Optimal Constant Damping Control of a Point Absorber with Linear Generator In Different Sea States: Comparision of Simulation and Scale Test S. Thomas, M. Giassi, M. Göteman, M. Ericsson, J. Isberg and J. Engström
#1012 Power Maximisation of a Wave Energy Converter using Predictive Control: Robustness to System Mismatch A. O’Sullivan
#1017 Balancing Power Absorption and Structural Loading for a Novel Bottom Fixed Wave Energy Converter with Nonideal Power-Take-Off in Regular Waves N. Tom
#1022 Design and Optimization of Fixed Guide Vanes Arranged into Concentric Annular Rows for a Self-Rectifying Biradial Air-Turbine A. Maduro, L. Gato, J. Henriques, D. Ferreira


Environmental Impact and Appraisal 3

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#935 Applying a Simple Model for Estimating Likelihood of Collision of Marine Mammals with Tidal Turbines A. Copping, M. Grear
#931 Tidal Turbine Collision Assessment Using the Bulk and Shear Modulus of Marine Mammals’ Soft Tissue M. Grear, M. Motley
#996 Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Wave Energy Converters: Do We Know What the Baseline Tells? A. Azzellino, C. Lanfredi, L. Riefolo, D. Vicinanza
#1144 Impacts of a Tidal Lagoon on Urban Drainage and Pollutant Dispersion Impacts in a Coastal Embayment E. Langley, P. Evans


10:05-10:45 – Tea & Coffee

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn

Tea & coffee will be served daily where Exhibitions & Posters will be on display.

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography

10:45-12:25 – Paper Presentations 

Wave Device Development & Testing 9

Kane Building, Room G01

#822 Experimental Evaluation of the Hydraulic Power Take-Off System of a Wave Energy Converter S. Acheson
#1001 Improving Fault Tolerance in a Newly Commissioned Wave Energy Array C. Kenny, D. Findlay, I. Lazakis, J. Shek, P. Thies
#1006 Wave Energy Prize Testing and Data Analysis F. Driscoll, D. Newborn, M. Quintero, B. Gunawan, D. Bull, A. Dallman, L. Fingersh, K. Ruehl
#1009 Modelling of a Combined Tension Moored Wind and Wave Energy Convertor System C. Wright, V. Pakrashi, J. Murphy
#1024 Development of a Wave-Powered Desalination Device: Numerical Modelling M. Verduzco-Zapata


Tidal Hydrodynamic Modelling 5

Kane Building, Room G19

#927 Numerical Simulations and Experiments of Wake Interactions in Axial-Flow Turbines C. Escauriaza, D. Gajardo, D. Ravazzolo, K. Soto, D. Ingram
#977 Effect of a Varying Current Direction on the Energy Production of a Pilot Tidal Farm by a Pseudo Steady Approach V. Nguyen, S. Guillou, J. Thiébot, A. Santa Cruz
#1000 Designing Multi-Rotor Tidal Turbine Fences C. Vogel
#1051 A Study of System Dynamics for a Kuroshio Turbine System J. Wu, J. Chen, C. Hsin, F. Chiu
#1104 Performance and Wake Characteristics of a Tidal Turbine under Yaw P. Modali, N. Kolekar, A. Banerjee


Tidal Device Development & Testing 8

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#706 Technology Assessment Processes for Marine Energy Converters S. Pyke, C. Johnstone, E. Buck
#1043 Wake Generated Downstream of a Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine P. Ouro
#1049 Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Oblique Waves and Current on the Loadings and Performance of Tidal Turbines R. Martinez Mejia, G. Payne, T. Bruce
#1084 Experimental Investigation into Unsteady Loads on Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbines G. Payne
#1154 Aspects of Small Scale Flume Correlation with a BEM-CFD Model I. Masters, M. Edmunds, A. Williams, N. Kolekar, A. Vinod, A. Banerjee


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 9

Kane Building, Room G02

#981 Laboratory Tests on the Predictability of the Natural Frequencies of Oscillation in Resonant Wave Energy Converters P. Filianoti, L. Gurnari
#988 CFD Simulation of the Unsteady Flow in an Oscillating Water Column: Comparison Between Numerical and Experimental Results for a Small Scale Experimental Device F. Scarpetta, M. Torresi, S. Camporeale, P. Filianoti
#997 Reaction Body Hydrodynamics for a Multi-DOF Point-Absorbing WEC T. Mundon, B. Rosenberg, J. Rij
#1014 A CFD Simulation of a Full Scale U-OWC Breakwater f. scarpetta, l. gurnari, m. torresi, p. filianoti, S. Camporeale
#1016 Array Optimization of Fixed Oscillating Water Columns for Active Device Control C. Sharp, B. DuPont, B. Bosma, P. Lomonaco, B. Batten


Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 8

West Wing Building, WW6

#1028 Development of a Methodology for Collaborative Control within a WEC Array P. Meunier
#1035 Influence of the Wave Dispersion Phenomenon on the Flicker Generated by a Wave Farm A. Blavette, T. Kovaltchouk, F. Rongère, M. Jourdain de Thieulloy, P. Leahy, B. Multon, H. Ben Ahmed
#1054 Test Results of a Twin-Rotor Radial-Inflow Air Turbine for OWC Wave Energy Converters L. Gato, B. Lopes, A. Carrelhas, J. Henriques, A. Falcão, J. Borges
#1065 Development of a Multi-Rate Wave-to-Wire Modelling Tool R. Crozier, M. Mueller
#1069 A Highly Efficient and Low-Cost Linear TFM Generator for Wave Power A. Hagnestål, E. Guldbrandzén



 Tidal Resource Characterization 5

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#1108 Assessment of Flow Characteristics at Two Locations in an Energetic Tidal Channel H. Torrens-Spence, P. Schmitt, C. Frost, I. Benson, P. MacKinnon, T. Whittaker
#1116 B.C. Marine Energy Resource Atlas and Decision Support System S. Ferguson, J. Cousineau
#1123 An Assessment of the TKE Balance at a Tidal Energy Site Using ADCP and Shear Probe Measurements J. McMillan, A. Hay, R. Lueck, F. Wolk
#1167 First Steps toward a Multi-Parameter “Location & Layout” Optimisation Tool for Arrays of Floating Tidal Platforms J. McDowell, P. Jeffcoate, M. Khorasanchi
#1174 Effect of Bed Roughness Coefficient Uncertainty on Tidal Stream Power Assessment M. Kreitmair, T. van den Bremer, A. Borthwick




12:25 – 14:00 – Lunch

Main & Mini Restaurants

A hot buffet lunch will be provided to Delegates. Please tell your server of any dietary requirements.


14:00-15:20 – Paper Presentations 

Wave Device Development & Testing 10

Kane Building, Room G01

#1025 Technical R&D on Breaking Wave WEC T. Shintake
#1026 Investigation of a Dual-Pontoon WEC Type Floating Breakwater D. Ning, X. Zhao, J. Zang, L. Johanning
#1038 Validation of the U-Oscillating Water Column Model by Full-Scale Experimental Data F. Arena
#1042 Return Periods of Extreme Loads on Wave Energy Converters E. Mackay


Wave Device Development & Testing 11

Kane Building, Room G19

#1060 Testing and Modeling the RTI F2 QD High Efficiency Low CapEx WEC J. Rohrer
#1067 Study on Unsteady Dynamic Performance of Impulse Turbine for the OWC Wave Energy Converter Y. Cui, Z. Liu
#1077 Power-Take-Off Control in a Scaled Experiment of a Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter B. Ding, N. Sergiienko, B. Bleckly, L. Souza Pinheiro da Silva, B. Cazzolato, M. Arjomandi
#1078 A Numerical Study of Wave Power Maximisation Based on Active Control and Mechanical Design L. Mingfang, C. Yuanqi, S. Lijiao


Tidal Device Development & Testing 9

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#1091 Reinforcement Learning Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Control of Tidal Turbines A. Nambiar, E. Anderlini, G. Payne, D. Forehand, A. Kiprakis, R. Wallace
#1113 Tidal Flyer; Innovation, Design & Evolution (TIDE) T. Devaney, B. Holmes, M. Bhinder
#1132 PLAT-O at FloWave: A Validation of ProteusDS at Modelling Response of a Taut-Moored Tidal Platform at Tank-Testing Scale I. Bivol, P. Jeffcoate, L. Johanning
#1146 Mitigation of Torque Pulsations in Variable Pitch Tidal Current Turbines Using Speed Control M. Sousounis, J. Shek


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 10

Kane Building, Room G02

#1021 On Numerical Uncertainty of VOF-RANS Simulations of Wave Energy Converters Through V&V Techniques C. Eskilsson
#1030 Far-Field Effects by Arrays of Oscillating Wave Surge Converters and Heaving Point Absorbers: a Comparative Study G. Verao Fernandez
#1088 Non-Linear Responses of a Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter J. Orszaghova
#1096 Experimental Uncertainty Analysis of an OWC Wave Energy Converter J. Orphin, D. Howe, J. Nader, I. Penesis


Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 9

West Wing Building, WW6

#1075 Comparisons of Self-Rectifying Air Turbines for OWC Wave Energy Converters A. Falcao, J. Henriques, L. Gato
#1079 Magnetic Gear Design for an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter B. McGilton
#1106 Control Algorithm Development for WRAM using a Real-Time Hybrid Test Platform C. Signorelli, B. Basu
#1126 Internal Model Control of a Three-Tether Axisymmetric Wave Energy Converter N. Sergiienko, B. Cazzolato, P. Hardy, B. Ding, M. Arjomandi


Environmental Impact and Appraisal 4

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#702 Advancing Environmental Monitoring through Integrated Instrumentation E. Cotter
#791 Algorithms for Marine Mammal Modelling and an Application in Ramsey Sound T. Lake, I. Masters, T. Croft
#1057 Design Envelope Approach for Assessing Environmental Impacts of Tidal Developments. Fair Head Tidal Case Study C. McGrath
#1112 Target Tracking Using Sonars for Marine Life Monitoring Around Tidal Turbines P. Jepp



15:20-16:00 – Tea & Coffee

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn

Tea & coffee will be served daily where Exhibitions & Posters will be on display.

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography

16:00-17:20 – Paper Presentations 

Wave Device Development & Testing 12

Kane Building, Room G01

#1087 Impulse Turbine Harvesting Wave Energy: Effect of Blade Lean R. B
#1094 Non-Linear Modelling of a Linearly Damped, Neutrally Buoyant Generic Submerged Spherical Wave Energy Converter A. Bharath, J. Nader, I. Penesis, G. Macfarlane
#1098 The Effect of Lip Extrusion on Performance of a Breakwater Integrated Bent Duct OWC WEC D. Howe, J. Orphin, J. Nader, G. MacFarlane
#1102 Marine Energy Harvesting Turbine: Design based on Analytical and Numerical Modelling A. George, R. B, A. Samad, N. D, P. Dudhgaonkar


Wave Device Development & Testing 13

Kane Building, Room G19

#1105 An Experimental Study on the Reduction of the Dynamic Instability in the Oscillating Water Column Spar Buoy R. Gomes, J. Malvar Ferreira, S. Ribeiro e Silva, J. Henriques, L. Gato
#1115 Scoring the Technology Performance Level (TPL) Assessment D. Bull, R. Costello, A. Babarit, K. Nielsen, B. Kennedy, C. Bittencourt Ferreira, J. Roberts, J. Weber
#1119 The Optimal Force for Wave Power Devices B. Mills, B. Ding
#1124 Integration of an Acoustic-Inertial Positioning Device in the Design of a Wave Energy Converter M. Cocho, J. Jorgensen


Tidal Device Development & Testing 10

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#1090 Performance of PLAT-I, a Floating Tidal Energy Platform for Inshore Applications P. Jeffcoate
#1165 Introduction of a Hybrid Tidal System S. Deng, C. Byrne, A. Mason-Jones
#1172 Turbulent Flow Within Multi-Row Tidal Stream Turbine Arrays D. Coles, L. Blunden, A. Bahaj
#1178 The Effect of Tip-Speed-Ratio and Freestream Turbulence on Blade Fatigue of a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine T. Blackmore, A. Bahaj, L. Myers


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 11

Kane Building, Room G02

#1109 A Performance Assessment Methodology for Floating Pitching WEC Arrays S. Sirigu, G. Vissio, G. Bracco, P. Dafnakis, B. Passione, N. Pozzi, G. Mattiazzo
#1110 Experimental Validation of Different Hydrodynamic Modelling Techniques Applied to the ISWEC N. Pozzi, A. Castino, G. Vissio, B. Passione, S. Sirigu, G. Bracco, G. Mattiazzo
#1125 How to Reduce the Nonlinearities of a Single Point Wave Absorber to Capture More Energy? A. Valizadeh, A. Rafiee
#1130 Predicting Coastal Impacts of Wave Farms Using a Wave-Resolving Model D. Rijnsdorp, J. Hansen, R. Lowe


Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 10

West Wing Building, WW6

#1156 Durable Winch-Based Point Absorbers A. Hagnestål, U. Sellgren, K. Andersson
#1163 Power-Take-Off System with Spring Characteristics for Resonating, Heaving Wave Energy Converters F. Gardner
#1186 Optimization of Mechanical Design and Control Parameters of an Oil-Hydraulic Power Take-Off System M. Kamarlouei
#1201 Development and Testing of a Ballscrew Electro-Mechanical Generator (EMG) for Wave Energy Conversion M. Martini, L. Castellini


Environmental Impact and Appraisal 5

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#730 Acoustic Characteristics of the Lifesaver Wave Energy Converter B. Polagye, P. Murphy, P. Cross, L. Vega
#980 Optimising Multiple Multibeam Sonars to Assess Marine Life Interactions with an Underwater Kite L. Lieber, L. Kregting
#1032 Alteration of Shallow-Water Tides by Tidal-Stream Turbines and Implications for Transport Processes D. Potter
#1151 The Impact of Wave Energy Converters on the Bay of Skaill, Orkney. I. Fairley, H. Karunarathna




17:30-19:00 – Sponsored Side Sessions


ORE Supergen Hub /University of Plymouth

North Wing, Aula Maxima 

The Future of ORE Research: The early career researcher (ECR) Perspective

The workshop aims to introduce INORE and the motivation for the collaboration with ORE Supergen and MaREI. Discussion on a range of topics (e.g. future of ORE research, employability and development of ECRs) will be tackled in groups. Drinks and nibbles will be available to create an informal atmosphere.


US Department of Energy, Water Power Technology Office (WPTO)

North Wing Building, Council Room 

The US Department of Energy is hosting a discussion on early adopter markets for marine renewables and invites EWTEC conference attendees to participate in a 90 minute discussion on these markets, on the road to wide-spread development of utility scale MRE. Wave and tidal devices have the potential to provide power to a number of end markets that are characterized by high cost, high value energy needs. In particular, this discussion should interest device and project developers, as well as supply chain participants. Please register at:

19:30 -00:00 – EWTEC Banquet

City Hall, City Hall, Anglesea St, Ballintemple, Cork

Upon arriving at the Cork City Hall, Delegates will be met with music and a drinks reception where they will be given the chance to mingle with fellow Delegates. From there they will be moved into the expansive dining area where they will be served a 4 course meal. ‘Pulses of Tradition’ will provide a live performance of Irish music, song and dance celebrating traditional music in Cork City and will teach Delegates the intricacies of Irish dance.

CityHallCorkPhoto courtesy of Cork Convention Bureau


GOLD Sponsor of EWTEC 2017