The 13th EWTEC Conference will be held in Napoli, Italy in September 2019.


12th EWTEC 2017 University College Cork, Ireland 336 papers accepted from 550 abstracts submitted
Over 600 participants from 40 countries
Conference programme
11th EWTEC 2015 Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France 299 papers accepted from 520 abstracts submitted
Over 600 participants from 40 countries
Conference programme
10th EWTEC 2013 Aalborg University, Denmark 211 papers accepted from 347 submissions
Over 400 participants from 30 countries
Conference programme
9th EWTEC 2011 Southampton University, UK 220 papers accepted from 360 submissions
Over 500 participants from 28 countries
Conference programme
8th EWTEC 2009 Uppsala University, Sweden 133 papers accepted
362 participants
Conference programme
7th EWTEC 2007 Porto, Portugal 103 papers accepted from 150 submissions
Conference programme
6th EWTEC 2005 Glasgow University, UK 78 papers accepted
Conference programme
5th EWTEC 2003 University College Cork, Ireland Proceedings edited by A. Lewis & G.Thomas
Published by Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre, 2003, ISBN: 0950244058
4th EWTEC 2000 Aalborg University, Denmark Proceedings edited by Iben Østergaard & Søren Iversen
Published by Danish Technological Institute, DK-2630 Tåstrup, ISBN:8790074092
3rd EWTEC 1998 University of Patras, Greece 54 papers accepted
Edited and published by University of Hannover, Franzius-Institut and Centre for Renewable Energy Resource (Athens), University of Patras
2nd EWTEC 1995 Lisbon, Portugal Proceedings edited by G. Elliot & K. Diamantaras
Published by European Commission, 1995, ISBN:9282774929
1st EWTEC 1993 Edinburgh, UK Proceedings edited by G. Elliot & G.Caratti
Published by NEL-Renewable Energy, 1994, ISBN:0903640848