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Tuesday August 29th, 2017 Schedule


08:45 – 10:05 – Paper Presentations 

Wave Resource Characterization 3

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#797 Breaking Waves Observed During Storms at a Wave Energy Test Site A. Brown, J. Thomson, T. Ozkan-Haller, M. Haller, A. Ellenson
#803 High-Resolution Wave Hindcasts for Regional Wave Energy Resource Assessment in US West Coast Z. Yang, T. Wang, W. Wu
#826 Assessing Accuracy of Hindcast Spectral Content in the Estimation of Wave Energy Resource Y. Perignon, C. Maisondieu
#870 Wave Energy Extraction in the North Atlantic: Future Wave Climate Availability J. Janjic, S. Gallagher, F. Dias


Tidal Resource Characterization 3

Kane Building, Room G19

#836 Observations and Modelling Highlight the Importance of Micro-Siting of Tidal-Stream Arrays: A Case Study Off Northwest Wales, UK P. Robins, M. Piano, S. Ward, M. Lewis, R. Hashemi, S. Neill
#839 Turbulence Metrics in Wave-Current Interactions D. Sutherland, B. Sellar, A. Borthwick, V. Venugopal
#887 Opportunities for Tidal Stream Energy in Indonesian Waters A. Firdaus, G. Houlsby, T. Adcock
#892 Toward the Modelling of Turbulence at Tidal Stream Power Sites with the Lattice Boltzmann Method P. Mercier, M. Grondeau, S. Guillou, J. Thiébot, E. Poizot


Wave Device Development & Testing 4

Kane Building, Room G01

#815 Open Sea OWC Motions and Mooring Loads Monitoring at BiMEP S. Weller, D. Parish, T. Gordelier, B de Miguel Para, E.A. Garcia, P. Goodwin, D. Tornroos, L. Johanning
#818 Laboratory Tests and Numerical Modelling in the Development of WaveCat J. Allen, K. Sampanis, J. Wan, J. Miles, D. Greaves, G. Iglesias
#999 Methodologies of Determining the ACE Wave Energy Prize Metric F. Driscoll, S. Jenne, J. Weber, R. Thresher, D. Bull, A. Dallman, D. Newborn, M. Quintero, A. LaBonte
#838 Validation of Variable Depth Operation of a Novel Wave Energy Converter Using Scale Model Testing C. Whitlam, J. Chapman, A. Hillis, J. Rosener, G. Foster, G. Stockman, D. Greaves, M. Hann


Tidal Device Development & Testing 4

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#830 Tidal Stream Turbine Rotor Imbalance Fault Diagnosis for Turbulent Flow Conditions and Optimal Tip Speed Ratio Control. M. Allmark, P. Prickett, R. Grosvenor
#850 Hydrodynamic Modelling of a Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine Using CFD and BEM Methods S. Heavey, P. McGarry, S. Leen
#865 Power And Energy Needed For Starting A Vertical Axis Marine Current Turbine


J. Forslund, K. Thomas, M. Leijon
#879 Relative Velocity at the Rotor of a Vertical Axis Tidal Stream Turbine on a Floating Platform S. Jeddere-Fisher, G. Bawn, D. Leboe, R. Conron


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 4

Kane Building, Room G02

#739 Towards the Numerical Simulation of 5 Floating Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters Installed in a Line Array Using OpenFOAM B. Devolder, P. Rauwoens, P. Troch
#776 Modelling of Array Interactions for a Curved OWSC using OpenFOAM J. Bridgwater Court, D. Chandel, N. Sell, A. Plummer, A. Hillis
#796 Investigation of Model Validity for Numerical Survivability Testing of WECs P. Musiedlak, E. Ransley, D. Greaves, B. Child, M. Hann, G. Iglesias
#798 Benchmark of Optimisation Algorithms for WECs Arrays F. Ferri


Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 3

West Wing Building, WW6

#769 Study of the Energy Collected by a Heaving Buoy in Front of the Artha Breakwater, Saint-Jean-de-Luz (SW France) J. Baills
#785 Tupperwave – Initial Numerical Modelling and Optimization M. Vicente, P. Benreguig, S. Crowley, J. Murphy
#801 Power Collection from Multiple Hydrokinetic Generators R. Cavagnaro, B. Strom, B. Polagye, A. Stewart
#819 Novel Predictive Latching Control for an Oscillating Water Column Buoy F. Faÿ, M. Marcos, E. Robles



10:05-10:45 – Tea & Coffee

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn

Tea & coffee will be served daily where Exhibitions & Posters will be on display.

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography

10:45-12:25 – Paper Presentations 


Wave Resource Characterization 4

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#872 Long Term Wave Climate at the Danish Test Site DanWEC Based on 30 Years Hindcast Data A. Tetu, P. Jensen, K. Nielsen, F. Schlütter, J. Kofoed
#911 Phase-Resolving Wave Modeling for Marine Renewable Energy Sites Characterization A. Varing
#973 Classification Systems for Wave Energy Resources and WEC Technologies V. Neary, K. Haas, S. Ahn, J. Cruz, P. Weywada
#1072 Improvements of Wave Energy Resources in Finite Water Depths W. Sheng, H. Li
#1140 Comparison of X-Band Radar at Two Sites in the Western Isles, Scotland A. Vogler, A. Murray, J. Morrison, C. Greenwood


Tidal Resource Characterization 4

Kane Building, Room G19

#894 Coupled ADCP Measurements for Tidal Turbulence Characterization A. Pieterse
#1036 Tidal Energy Yield Uncertainties: Learnings from the Wind Energy Industry R. Clayton, R. Fahey, A. Mortimer, H. Smith, A. Borthwick, Q. Xiao
#1047 Comparison of Combined Wave and Turbulence Model with Field Measurements G. Crossley, S. Parkinson, A. Alexandre, H. Smith, A. Day, D. Ingram
#1059 Optimisation of Tidal Range Schemes R. Ahmadian, J. Xue, R. Falconer, N. Hanousek
#1080 Derivation and Validation of a Hindcast Model Incorporating Wave Current Interaction at a Tidal Race Site S. Parkinson, D. Fitzgerald, G. Crossly


Wave Device Development & Testing 5

Kane Building, Room G01

#788 Assessing the Performance of the CECO Wave Energy Converter in the Portuguese Near-Shore P. Rosa-Santos, F. Taveira-Pinto, V. Ramos, M. Lopez
#864 Dynamics of Moored Buoys in Non-Linear Wave with the Aim of Improvement of Wave Energy Absorption M. Berenjkoob
#890 Application of Complex Wave and Current Conditions in a Laboratory Environment S. Draycott, D. Noble, T. Davey, J. Steynor, D. Ingram
#905 Shape Optimization for the Submerged Body of a Two-Body Wave Energy Converter D. Martin, A. Wise, C. Liang, L. Zuo
#910 Physical Model Testing and System Identification of a Cylindrical OWC Device B. Bosma, T. Brekken, P. Lomonaco, A. McKee, B. Paasch, B. Batten


Tidal Device Development & Testing 5

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#880 Near Wake Flow Structure behind an Axial Flow Hydrokinetic Turbine in the Presence of Waves L. Luznik, E. Lust, K. Flack
#883 ‘VETT’ – Reducing the Cost of Tidal Power Generation P. Bird, P. Roberts, G. Benham, S. Downie
#888 Survey of the Near Wake of an Axial-Flow Hydrokinetic Turbine K. Flack
#909 Protocols for Marine Current Energy Converter Tank Testing. Where are We? G. Germain, P. Scheijgrond
#926 Slipstream Dynamics of a Tidal Turbine J. Allo, C. Del Frate, D. Dhomé, F. Di Felice, F. Alves Pereira


Tidal Hydrodynamic Modelling 4

Kane Building, Room G02

#774 Impact of Wave-Current Interactions on Tidal Current Turbine Performance in Storm Conditions A. Jakovljevic, S. Paboeuf, F. Dias
#845 Simulation of Turbine Groups with Support Structures for Energy Yield Modelling C. Hachmann
#859 Numerical Investigation of Lashy Sound, Orkney S. Waldman, S. Baston, D. Woolf, J. Side
#906 Modelling the Effect of Turbulence Length Scale on Tidal Turbine Wakes using Advanced Turbulence Models T. Ebdon, D. O’Doherty, T. O’Doherty, A. Mason-Jones
#913 Numerical Simulation of a Tidal Turbine Model in a Turbulent Flow with the Lattice Boltzmann Method M. Grondeau, P. Mercier, S. Guillou, J. Poirier, E. Poizot, Y. Méar


Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 4

West Wing Building, WW6

#823 Reduction of Power Oscillations Combining Energy Storage with Prediction Techniques M. Lafoz
#831 A Competition for WEC Control Systems J. Ringwood, F. Ferri, K. Ruehl, Y. Yu, R. Coe, J. Weber, M. Kramer
#855 Onshore Evaluation of a Linear Generator for Wave Power L. Ulvgård, A. Frost
#861 Optimal Sizing of Submarine Cables from an Electro-Thermal Perspective A. Matine, C. Bonnard, A. Blavette, S. Bourguet, F. Rongère, T. Kovaltchouk, E. Schaeffer
#862 Influence of Power Take-Off Damping on the Hydrodynamic Performance of an Oscillating Water Column J. Samuel, S. Sannasi Annamalaisamy, S. Vallam



12:25 – 14:00 – Lunch

Main & Mini Restaurants

A hot buffet lunch will be provided to Delegates. Please tell your server of any dietary requirements.


14:00-15:20 – Paper Presentations 

Environmental Impact & Appraisal 1

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#761 The Impact of Marine Renewable Energy Extraction on Sediment Dynamics S. Neill, P. Robins
#907 Interactions and Implications of Tidal Energy Arrays A. Goward Brown
#844 Wave Farm Representation in the MIKE 21 Spectral Waves Model R. McKee, B. Elsaesser, L. O’Boyle, L. Kregting
#1179 The Near-Wake of Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbines in a Storm Surge Barrier M. Verbeek, R. Labeur, W. Uijttewaal, P. de Haas


Station-Keeping, Moorings & Foundations 1

Kane Building, Room G19

#656 Monitoring of Subsea Cable Terminations at FORCE Tidal Turbine Test Site S. Campbell, D. Groulx, D. Doman, T. Wright
#666 Anchoring Strategies for Floating Wave Energy Converters C. Gaudin
#781 Reducing Peak & Fatigue Mooring Loads: A Validation Study for Elastomeric Moorings D. Parish
#792 Dynamic Analysis Validation of the Floating EcoSpray Tidal Energy Test Platform A. Baron


Wave Device Development & Testing 6

Kane Building, Room G01

#929 Experimental Investigation of Array Effects for a Mechanically Coupled WEC Array A. McDonald, Q. Xiao, D. Forehand, D. Findlay
#937 A CFD Study on the Balance of Energy in a Fixed Bottom-Detached Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter I. Simonetti, L. Cappietti
#944 Horizon Scanning for Commercial Wave Energy Technology R. Costello, B. Kennedy, H. Kelly, S. Roch Perks
#948 Application of a Simulation Model for a Heave Type Wave Energy Converter S. Saeidtehrani, P. Lomonaco, A. Hagmuller, M. Levites-Ginsburg


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 5

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#810 Effects of Machine Non-Linearity on the Performance of Idealised Wave-Energy Converters R. Manasseh, M. Hasan, L. Puticiu, J. Leontini
#825 Hydrodynamics of a Flexible Piezoelectric Wave Energy Harvester Moored on a Breakwater F. Buriani, E. Renzi
#848 Non-Linear Frequency-Domain WEC Simulation: Numerical Case Studies and Practical Issues A. Merigaud, J. Ringwood
#851 A Numerical Study on Optimum Conditions of Multi-Buoy Wave Energy Converter with Hydraulic PTO System S. Kim, W. Koo, M. Shin


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 6

Kane Building, Room G02

#874 WEC-GA Optimisation Tool for an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter E. Renzi, J. Leech, I. Phillips
#902 Modelling Wave Breaking Statistics for MRE Applications J. Filipot
#915 Experimental Determination of the Hydrodynamic Parameters of an OWC T. Kelly, T. Dooley, J. Ringwood
#919 Inclusion of Structural Flexibility in Design Load Analysis for Wave Energy Converters Y. Guo, Y. Yu, J. van Rij


Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 5

West Wing Building, WW6

#866 Grid Integration for Marine Renewable Energy Devices in a Real Time Application A. Monterrat, D. Murray, R. Christie, J. Kelly
#878 Electrical Approach to Output Power Optimization for a Point Absorbing Wave Energy Converter with a Direct Drive Linear Generator Power Take-Off I. Dolguntseva, S. Eriksson, M. Leijon
#886 Modelling and Calibration of a Direct Drive Hydraulic PTO N. Sell, A. Plummer, A. Hillis, D. Chandel
#904 Development of a Polymer Spring Pump based PTO C. Casey




15:20-16:00 – Tea & Coffee

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn

Tea & coffee will be served daily where Exhibitions & Posters will be on display.

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography

16:00-17:20 – Paper Presentations 

Environmental Impact & Appraisal 2

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#1007 Seasonal Effects on Probability of Fish Encounter with MHK Devices H. Viehman, T. Boucher, A. Redden
#1150 Quantifying Detections of Acoustically Tagged Fish for Probability of Encounter with MHK Devices B. Sanderson, C. Buhariwalla, M. Adams, M. Stokesbury, A. Redden
#1166 Fish Monitoring to Assess Effects of a Tidal Turbine A. Daroux
#889 Seasonal Occurrence of Seabirds and Marine Mammals at a Wave Energy Test Site W. Hunt, A. Bennison, A. Kavanagh, M. Nykanen, B. O’Connor, M. Jessopp

Wave Device Development & Testing 7

Kane Building, Room G19

#953 Hydrodynamics and Scaling of Heave Plates for Point Absorbing Wave Energy Converters C. Rusch, B. Maurer, T. Mundon, A. Stewart, B. Polagye
#957 Geometry Influences on Hydrodynamic Reponses of a Heaving Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter S. Jin, R. Patton
#958 Numerical and Experimental Studies of an Offshore Multi–Purpose Floating Structure Supporting a Wind Turbine T. Mazarakos, D. Konispoliatis, G. Katsaounis, S. Polyzos, D. Manolas, S. Voutsinas, S. Mavrakos
#959 Performance Analysis of the CCell Wave Energy Device C. Worden Hodge, W. Bateman, Z. Yuan, P. Thies, T. Bruce

Wave Device Development & Testing 8

Kane Building, Room G01

#966 Performance of the BOLT Lifesaver Wave Energy Converter at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii J. Sjolte
#967 Experimental Testing of Dielectric Elastomer Generators for Wave Energy Converters G. Moretti
#983 Wave Energy in Chile: A Case Study of the Overtopping Breakwater for Energy Conversion (OBREC) E. Di Lauro, P. Contestabile, D. Vicinanza
#986 Design and Bench Testing of a Model-Scale WEC for Advanced PTO Control Research G. Bacelli, S. Spencer, A. Mazumdar, R. Coe

Tidal Device Development & Testing 6

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#936 Mitigating Uncertainty in Tidal Turbine Performance Characteristics from Experimental Testing C. Frost
#943 From Real Scale Demonstration to Tidal Turbine Pilot Power Plant in the Fromveur Strait J. Allo, D. Dhomé
#960 Full Scale Turbine Test in Real Turbulent Flow in a Tidal Estuary A. Sentchev
#963 Hydrodynamic Loads on a Tidal Turbine in Random Seas X. Guo, Z. Gao, J. Yang, T. Moan

Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 7

Kane Building, Room G02

#920 Verification of the SNL-SWAN Spectral WEC-Wave Model with Phase-Resolved Linear Wave Fields J. McNatt, K. Reuhl, A. Porter, J. Roberts
#933 Optimisation of Elementary Arrays of Wave-Power Devices in Irregular Waves J. McGuinness, G. Thomas
#938 Integration of a Hydrodynamic Negative Spring Concept into the OWC Spar Buoy M. Gradowski, M. Alves, R. Gomes, J. Henriques
#946 Assessment of a Spar Buoy Oscillating-Water-Column Wave Energy Converter including a Fully Dynamic Model I. Zabala, J. Henriques, A. Falcão, A. Amezaga, R. Gomes, L. Gato

Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 6

West Wing Building, WW6

#942 How Harmful is the Wave Energy Penetration in an Electric Grid? M. Blanco
#954 Performance of the Self-Rectifying Biradial Air Turbine with Fixed Guide Vanes Arranged into Concentric Annular Rows A. Carrelhas, A. Maduro, L. Gato, J. Henriques, A. Falcao
#961 A Critical Comparison of AR and ARMA Models for Short-Term Wave Forecasting Y. Pena Sanchez, J. Ringwood
#974 Robust Control of a Wave Energy Converter with Soft Sensing of Wave Excitation Force M. Abdelrahman, R. Patton

17:30 -19:00 – Sponsored Side Session

MaRINET2: Accessing Europe’s ORE Test Facilities

North Wing, Aula Maxima MaRINET2

Learn about MaRINET2 and how it has evolved from the successful from the MaRINET project with additional testing facilities and a new virtual access aspect. Understand the roleof the Marinerg-I project in the future growth of the Network. Meet with infrastucture managers, discuss their facilities and how to apply for free of charge access. To register, please follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/accessing-europes-ore-test-facilities-marinet2-tickets-37211918851

Sandia National Laboratories: Data in Support of Marine Renewables

West Wing Building, WW6


Collection, curation, storage, and dissemination of public data on power performance and environmental effects can facilitate development of the industry. Currently data are wide spread and not easily accessible. The US Department of Energy and their national laboratories invite you to discuss the needs and capabilities for data accessibility.

The CCP- WSI Blind Test Workshop – Series 2: Introductory Event

O’Rahilly Building, Room 132


To provide a better understand of the validity and required model fidelity when simulating WSI problems; the CCP-WSI Blind Test Workshops bring together the WSI community to test their codes against specific WSI problems. In this event the Series 2 blind test cases will be introduced. For more info: https://www.ccp-wsi.ac.uk/blind_test_workshops


20:00 -00:00 – Free Evening

Delegates have a free evening where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of Cork City. For more information on Cork please visit: http://www.discoverireland.ie/corkcity


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