Thursday Schedule

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Thursday August 31st, 2017 Schedule


08:45 – 10:05 – Paper Presentations 

Environmental Impact & Appraisal 6

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#1092 Monitoring Methods of Marine Renewable Energy – A Review of Technologies for Examining the Environmental Impact from Wave and Tidal Power Installations A. Bender, F. Francisco, J. Sundberg
#1011 Environmental Monitoring – From Theory to Practice G. Harker, A. Copping, S. Eaves
#917 Wave and Tidal Energy Devices Offer Environmental Opportunities as Artificial Reefs R. Callaway
#824 Hydrodynamic Consequences of Biofouling Organisms on Marine Energy Converters A. Rivier, A. Bennis, G. Jean, J. Dauvin


Wave Device Development & Testing 14

Kane Building, Room G01

#1127 A Dual-Turbine System for Wave Energy Conversion M. Takao, S. Fukuma, M. Alam, S. Okuhara, Y. Kinoue
#1128 Numerical Wave Tank Experiment on a Submerged Single-Tethered Asymmetric Mass Point Absorber F. Meng
#1129 Performance Prediction of a Counter-Rotating Impulse Turbine for Wave Energy Conversion M. Takao, K. Yamada, M. Alam, S. Okuhara, Y. Kinoue
#1135 Dynamic Simulation of a Bidirectional Air Turbine for OWC Device Based on In-Field Measurement M. Iino, T. Miyazaki, M. Iida


Station-Keeping, Moorings & Foundations 3

West Wing Building, WW6

#1003 Analysis of a Triangular Array of Floating Oscillating Water Column Devices with Inter-Body Mooring Connections in Regular Waves C. Oikonomou, R. Gomes, L. Gato, A. Falcão
#1141 On Mooring Solutions for Large Wave Energy Converters J. Thomsen, J. Kofoed, F. Ferri, C. Eskilsson, L. Bergdahl, M. Delaney, S. Thomas, K. Nielsen, K. Rasmussen, E. Friis-Madsen
#1202 Multi-Objective Optimization of Mooring Systems for Offshore Renewable Energy A. Pillai, P. Thies, L. Johanning
#1206 Active Suction Anchors for Floating Renewable Energy N. Fiumana


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 12

Kane Building, Room G02

#1145 The Influence of Seabed Structure on Combined Wave-Current Flow Interactions J. Rivera Camacho
#1148 Hydrodynamic Response of a Jacket-Frame Mounted WEC Sub-System of a Novel Hybrid Wind-Wave Energy Converter C. Perez-Collazo, J. Skämberg-Tippen, D. Greaves, G. Iglesias
#1155 Design Features of the Upcoming Coastal and Ocean Basin in Ostend, Belgium, for Marine Renewable Energy Applications P. Troch, V. Stratigaki, P. Devriese, A. Kortenhaus, N. Silin, V. Nelko, J. De Maeyer, J. Monbaliu, E. Toorman, P. Rauwoens, D. Vanneste, T. Suzuki, T. Van Oyen, T. Verwaest
#1157 Combined Performance and Loading Assessment of Pitching Flap-Type Wave Energy Converters P. Lamont-Kane, M. Folley, T. Whittaker


Structural Mechanics Materials, Fatigue, Loadings 1

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#689 Structural Design Effects on Hydrodynamic Interaction of the Combined WindWEC Concept M. Karimirad, C. Michailides
#827 A Carbon Fibre Reinforced Powder Epoxy Manufacturing Process for Tidal Turbine Blades D. Mamalis, A. Doyle, C. Ó Brádaigh, T. Flanagan
#837 Design Process of a Novel Dual Rotor Tidal Energy Convertor Platform T. Baker, A. Jones, M. Abbattista, H. Bower, O. Chaloupka, K. O’Sullivan
#900 Upscaling of Tidal Turbine Blades: Glass or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers? V. Jaksic, F. Wallace, C. Ó Brádaigh


Economical, Social, Legal and Political Aspects of Ocean Energy 2

Kane Building, Room G19

#817 A Risk Assessment Methodology for Combining Marine Renewables with Other Blue Economy Activities via Multi-Use of Spaces and Platforms. H. Williams, I. Masters, D. Pletsas, C. Fuentes Grunewald, R. Callaway, G. Dalton, M. Blanch
#1050 Utilising GIS to Assess the Development Potential of Offshore Energy on the Western European Coast T. F. van Lanschot
#871 Analytical Cost Modeling for Co-Located Wind-Wave Energy Arrays C. Clark, A. Miller, B. DuPont
#787 Cross Flow Turbine Controller Trade-Offs in Optimizing LCOE J. Donegan, J. McEntee, B. Polagye, R. Cavagnaro, D. Forbush


10:05-10:45 – Tea & Coffee

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn

Tea & coffee will be served daily where Exhibitions & Posters will be on display.

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10:45-12:25 – Paper Presentations 

Tidal Hydrodynamic Modelling 6

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#1120 Adapting Conventional Tools to Analyse Ducted and Open Centre Tidal Stream Turbines S. Allsop, P. Thies, C. Peyrard, P. Bousseau
#1142 Present and Future Impacts of Large Tidal Stream Turbine Arrays. M. De Dominicis, R. O’Hara Murray, J. Wolf
#1160 InSTREAM: Measurement, Characterisation and Simulation of Turbulence from Test Tank to Ocean T. Clark, A. Hay, R. Lueck, T. Davey
#1164 Optimising Tidal Lagoons N. Yates, B. Tatlock
#1200 Investigation of the Influence of Arrangement and Spacing on Wake Flow of Three Tidal Current Turbines by CFD analysis J. Chul, M. Kim, S. Hwang, H. Park, J. Chan


Wave Device Development & Testing 15

Kane Building, Room G01

#1137 Application of a Passive Control Technique to the ISWEC M. Bonfanti, S. Sirigu, G. Bracco, B. Passione, G. Vissio, N. Pozzi, G. Mattiazzo
#1170 Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Efficiency of an Oscillating Water Column G. Colicchio, I. Santic, M. Peviani, A. Danelli, A. Colucci
#1194 Overtopping Breakwater for Wave Energy Conversion: Status and Perspectives D. Vicinanza, P. Contestabile, E. Di Lauro
#1198 Large Capacity Multi-Float WEC M4 P. Stansby
#1204 Power Performance Prediction for a Vented Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter with a Unidirectional Air Turbine Power Take-off A. Fleming


Operations & Maintenance 1

West Wing Building, WW6

#639 A Coupled Monte Carlo-Evolutionary Approach to Optimise Offshore Renewables O&M G. Rinaldi, P. Thies, L. Johanning
#705 “Mooring Replacement: Solving Conventional Problems in an Innovative Way” D. Marina, Y. Torre-Enciso, O. Ajuria
#952 Effective Offshore Operations in Strong Marine Currents Areas D. Dhomé, J. Allo, A. Blangy, M. Morandeau, R. Argall, R. Parkinson
#976 Advanced Metocean Planning Tools for the Wave and Tidal Energy Sectors B. Hudson, E. Kay, M. Lawless, T. Bruce
#1173 Wave Farm Design: Optimisation of O&M With Respect to Weather Window Criteria B. Kennedy, J. Weber, K. Nielsen, J. Hanafin, R. Costello


Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 13

Kane Building, Room G02

#1176 Assessing the Impact on Power Production of WEC Array Separation Distance in a Wave Farm Using One-Way Coupling of a BEM Solver and a Wave Propagation Model P. Balitsky, G. Verao Fernandez, V. Stratigaki, P. Troch
#1190 Modelling Alternatives for a Heaving Point Absorber with and without Stiffness Modulation M. Guérinel, E. Jansson, J. Todalshaug, M. Jesmani, K. Guijt
#1195 Experimental Study into the Diffracted Wave Field Downstream of an Array of Wave Energy Converters in Irregular Waves M. Bennet, I. Penesis, A. Fleming, G. Macfarlane, J. Nader
#1197 OES Task 10 WEC Modelling Verification and Validation K. Nielsen
#1203 Analysis of a 6-DOF Tensegrity-Based Water Wave Energy Harvester Z. Ji


Structural Mechanics Materials, Fatigue, Loadings 2

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#918 Coupled CFD-FEM Structural Analysis of Tidal Turbine Blades W. Finnegan, E. Edward Fagan, S. Leen, J. Goggins
#950 Manufacturing Thick-Section Tidal Turbine Blades using Low-Cost Fibre Reinforced Polymers J. Maguire, A. Doyle, C. Ó Brádaigh
#964 Dynamic Load Measurements on a Scale-Model Axial-Flow MHK Turbine C. Hill, K. Van Ness, A. Stewart, B. Polagye, A. Aliseda
#965 Composite Design of a Curved OSWEC W. Jamieson, W. Bateman, E. Oterkus, P. Thies, A. Robinson
#1168 Impulsive Loading Mechanisms Experienced by an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter A. McKinley, P. Lamont-Kane, M. Folley, T. Whittaker


Economical, Social, Legal and Political Aspects of Ocean Energy 3

Kane Building, Room G19

#893 An Examination of Marketplace Support Options for Marine Renewable Energy Development with Particular Reference to the Experience in Nova Scotia, Canada B. Cameron
#1005 Creating Value in Oceanography with Wave Energy Converters: User Needs J. Portillo, D. Ferreira, J. Henriques, L. Gato
#1044 What Does It Really Cost? – Understanding, Comparing and Applying Financial Metrics R. Alcorn
#1085 Risk-Reduction Through Strategic Investment Timing: Implications for Government Policy S. MacDougall
#630 A Method for the Spatial Targeting of Tidal Stream Energy Policies A. Vazquez, S. Astariz, G. Iglesias



12:30 -14:00 –  Closing Address & Future Conference Announcements

UCC Main Campus, Aula Maxima

Chairperson Professor Tony Lewis will be heading the speeches followed by a message from our sponsors. The closing speech will be conducted by the AWTEC committee outlining new information regarding AWTEC 2018.


Farewell Lunch 

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn


The farewell lunch will take place in Devere Hall. Please tell your server of any dietary requirements.

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– This concludes the official EWTEC 2017 Conference – 

– Additional events and activities to follow – 


14:00-17:00 – Sponsored Side Session
Workshop on Social and Economic Risks and Benefits of MRE Development –

Ocean Energy System/Annex IV

North Wing Building, Conference Room & Council Room

OES-Annex IV and ORJIP are hosting a workshop at EWTEC on August 31st on “Exploring the State of Understanding and Practice used to Assess Social and Economic Risks and Benefits of Marine Renewable Energy Development.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together regulators, stakeholders, industry, and researchers to examine frameworks and practical aspect for collecting data that define social and economic risks and benefits of marine renewable energy.

For those who register, the agenda and preparatory material will be sent ahead the workshop. Register for the workshop by sending an email to


14:00-17:00 – Cork Technical Tour 
Technical Visit to Beaufort Building and National Maritime College of Ireland

Ringaskiddy, County Cork

Ringaskiddy is home to Ireland’s world class MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy, Lir National Ocean Test Facility and the National Maritime College of Ireland. Join us on the 31st of August for:

  • An introduction to our researchers at the cutting edge of offshore renewable energy
  • A visit to Europe’s newest Test Facility, the state of the art, Lir National Ocean Test Facility
  • A tour of one of the largest simulation suites in Europe, comprising a 360° and a 270° Full Mission Bridge Kongsberg simulator at the NMCI

The visit will be followed by a networking event where you will get a further opportunity to meet the experts located in the MaREI Centre.

Beaufort Building


GOLD Sponsor of EWTEC 2017