Host City

Did you know that Cork Harbour is home to the oldest yacht club in the world – The Royal Cork Yacht Club founded in 1720?

Did you know that that Cork Harbour is the second biggest natural harbour in the world?

Did you know that you can kayak from the Atlantic Ocean right into the Cork old city centre?

Did you know that Lough Hyne in West Cork is Ireland’s first Marine Nature Reserve and its bio-luminescent substances allow night-time kayaking?

Situated in the south west of Ireland, Cork is at the top of its game right now: sophisticated, vibrant and diverse, while still retaining its friendliness, relaxed charm and quick-fire wit.’ A city just buzzing with musical talent – both home grown and imported, Cork has a pulsating traditional music scene which delights both visitors and locals alike. So when you’re in Cork then one of the Heritage Pubs is bound to have a session on offer to suit your taste. Exciting, historical, full of life, Cork will bowl you over.