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Monday August 28th, 2017 Schedule


08:00 – 09:00 – EWTEC Registration

Boole Lecture Theatre, Room 4

Delegates are asked to arrive early in order to complete registration before the Opening Ceremony commences.


09:00 – 10:05 – Plenary Opening Ceremony

Boole Lecture Theatre, Room 4

The Conference will open with a Plenary Ceremony that will include speeches from:


Professor Tony Lewis   EWTEC 2017 Chairperson 
Prof Tony Lewis has been one of the most active members of the Ocean Energy community for the past 4 decades.  Through his teaching, research, industrial and ambassadorial roles he has been a great influencer for the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) sector.  Tony’s legacy includes the MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy, which has over 130 researchers working with 45 industry partners, and the Lir National Ocean Test Facility both located in the new Beaufort Building, Ringaskiddy; a component of the Environmental Research Institute at UCC


Professor Patrick O’Shea UCC President
Professor Patrick O’Shea became the 15th President of University College Cork on 1st February 2017. A UCC Physics graduate and former Vice President and Chief Research Officer at the University of Maryland in the US, Professor O’Shea was at the helm of a $500 million (€470m) per annum research and innovation enterprise. His academic, political and business acumen helped the university to become one of the leading research universities in the world. He is a strong advocate of cross disciplinary work in universities, highlighting the importance of humanities studies and their interaction with science and other technical disciplines.


Cllr Tony Fitzgerald Lord Mayor of Cork or Ardmhéara, Chorcaí
Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald P.C. was re-elected to Cork City Council in June 2009, having been previously elected in June 2004. A prominent community activist on the north side of Cork City, he has campaigned and was successful in securing programmes and projects with a view to preventing crime, addressing drug & alcohol issues, promoting community health issues and actively involved in youth and community affairs. He has played a strategic role in securing state of the art child care facilities, crèche and pre-school facilities, and has a particular interest in the needs of older people and those with disabilities.


Minister Denis Naughten Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment
A scientist by profession Denis Naughten was elected to Dáil Éireann in 1997 and served as Fine Gael’s Spokesperson on Youth Affairs, School Transport and Adult Education until 2000. He then commenced his role as the Party’s Deputy Spokesperson on Public Enterprise until 2002.  Minister Naughten has also served as opposition spokesperson on Agriculture and Food and on immigration issues during his tenure as a member of the Fine Gael Party until 2011.  He is now an Independent member of Dáil Éireann. Minister Naughten was appointed a senior Government Minister, representing the Roscommon-Galway constituency, on May 6th 2016.


Mr Jim Gannon Chief Executive at Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
Jim Gannon is Chief Executive of SEAI, having joined the organisation in May 2016. He was formerly Director at RPS Group, leading the Energy, Environment and Health and Safety functions, with a core focus on the energy sector throughout his career. This has encompassed policy, infrastructure and technology projects at a European, National and Regional level for both the private and public sector. Jim is a Civil Engineering Graduate of NUI Galway, with a Masters in Environmental Assessment from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and an MBA from the UCD Smurfit School of Business. Jim also serves as a member of the national Climate Change Advisory Council.


Mrs. Sandra Farwell Director, Sustainable & Renewable Energy – Nova Scotia Department of Energy
Sandra leads the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Division at the Nova Scotia Department of Energy responsible for policy and program development in the renewable energy sector.  Nova Scotia is focused on research, innovation, public engagement and regulatory development with the goal of achieving optimum economic, social, and environmental value from the marine renewable energy sector.   Sandra plays a key role in engaging industry, stakeholders, researchers, and governments to advance the development of the tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia. Sandra is the provincial government member on the Board of FORCE -Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy and holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) and undergraduate degrees in Biology and Sociology from Dalhousie University.



Professor Jerry Murphy Director of the SFI MaREI Centre
Jerry is Director of the SFI MaREI Centre and Principal Investigator in Bioenergy Research. He is the Vice Director of  UCC’s Environmental Research Institute and Professor of Bioenergy and Biofuels in the School of Engineering in UCC.  Jerry is the Leader of the International Energy Agency (IEA) “Energy from Biogas” Task. He has served with IEA Bioenergy since 2007 and in this role has edited a book and written a number of reports. Jerry’s particular research focus is on second and third generation gaseous biofuels including for algae biofuels, power to gas concepts, and life cycle analyses of various biofuel systems. He has published ca. 100 peer review journal publications; according to Google Scholar his work has been cited over 4000 times with a H-index of 33.  Jerry is a Civil, Environmental Engineer with a Masters Degree in Anaerobic Digestion (1991 – 1992) and a PhD in energy production from waste (1999 – 2003).



10:05-10:45 – Tea & Coffee

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn

Tea & coffee will be served daily where Exhibitions & Posters will be on display.

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography

10:45-12:25 – Paper Presentations 

Wave Resource Characterization 1

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#640 An Analysis of The Wave Climate in South Wales, UK I. Fairley, H. Williams, J. Horrillo-Caraballo, D. Thompson, I. Masters, D. Reeve, H. Karunarathna
#641 On The Distribution of Complex Sea-States in The Bay of Biscay C. Maisondieu
#650 An Assessment Method of Wave Energy Resources in Finite Water Depths W. Sheng
#685 Australia’s Technical Wave Energy Resource M. Hemer
#691 Characterisation of Ocean Energy Resource to Iec Standards: Westwave Project Experience A. Barker

Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 1

West Wing Building, Room WW6

#633 Continuously Adaptive Pi-Control of Wave Energy Converters Under Irregular Sea-State Conditions H. Nguyen, P. Tona
#638 Integration of a Direct Drive Contra-Rotating Generator with Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters K. Porter, S. Ordonez-Sanchez, C. Johnstone, S. Conesa
#703 Latching and Peak-Power Control of an Oscillating Water Column Based on a Discontinuous Galerkin Method J. Henriques, J. Lemos, L. Gato, A. Falcão
#708 High-Efficiency Current-Source Converter for All-Electric Wave Energy Conversion Systems S. McDonald, V. Pickert,N. Baker
#712 Investigation of The Benefits of Adaptive Control Applied to The Nonlinear Ccell Wave Energy Converter A. Hillis

Wave Device Development & Testing 1

Kane Building, Room G01

#629 Modelling and Testing of a Submerged Oscillating Water Column J. Fairhurst, W. Van Niekerk
#645 Experimental Assessment of an Innovative Management System for Mooring Loads R. Pascal, A. Combourieu, S. Nauwelaerts, A. Foschini
#654 Validation of a CFD Tool for Studying the Behaviour of Wave Energy Converters A. Pilechi, S. Baker, A. Cornett
#676 Reservoir Type Wec for Micro-Tidal Environments G. Muller, F. Buriani
#678 Wave Energy in California in the Late 19th Century G. Muller

Tidal Device Development & Testing 1

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#647 Evaluating The Dynamics of Mooring Tidal Turbines S. Fu, C. Johnstone
#649 Multi-Objective Optimization of Rotor Blades for Horizontal Axis Tidal Stream Turbines N. Kaufmann, T. Carolus, R. Starzmann
#661 Advanced Control Methods for Cross-Flow Turbines B. Strom, S. Brunton, B. Polagye
#1041 Development of a Low Head Tidal Turbine Part 1: CFD Simulations, Design and Optimization S. Hötzl, T. Schechtl, P. Rutschmann, W. Knapp
#687 Development of a Low Head Tidal Turbine Part 2: Model Testing and Performance Evaluation T. Schechtl, S. Hötzl, P. Rutschmann, W. Knapp

Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 1

Kane Building, Room G02

#631 Using NEMOH for Modelling Wave Energy Converters: A Comparative Study with WAMIT M. Penalba, T. Kelly, J. Ringwood
#643 Consistency of Viscous Drag Identification Tests for Wave Energy Applications G. Giorgi
#644 Importance of Non-Linear Waves for Non-Linear Froude-Krylov Force Calculation G. Giorgi
#646 Applicability of Linear and Non-Linear Potential Flow Models on a Wavestar Float P. Bozonnet, V. Dupin, P. Tona, C. Chauvigné, M. Kramer
#653 Peak Force in the Connection Line of a Linear Generator WEC L. Sjokvist

Tidal Hydrodynamic Modelling 1

Kane Building, Room G19

#655 The Impact of Waves and Immersion Depth on Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine Performance M. Sos, L. Johnston, J. Walker, M. Rahimian
#668 Wake Predictions from Two Turbine Models using Mesh-Optimisation Techniques G. Deskos
#868 Navier-Stokes CFD Analysis of a Tidal Turbine Rotor in Steady and Planar Oscillatory Flow G. Amato, S. Doyle, S. Petley, M. S. Campobasso, I. Milne, G. Aggidis
#684 Pitch Control Systems for A Cross-Flow Turbine T. Gauthier
#693 Distortion Effects on Turbulence in a Tidal Flow due to the Mean Flow Field of a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine M. Graham, I. Milne


12:25 – 14:00 – Lunch

Main & Mini Restaurants

A hot buffet lunch will be provided to Delegates. Please tell your server of any dietary requirements.



14:00-15:20 – Paper Presentations 

Wave Resource Characterization 2

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#743 Intra-Annual Power Performance of WECs: a Decision-Aid Tool for Wave Farm Planning R. Carballo, N. Arean, M. Sanchez, V. Ramos, M. Alvarez, A. Castro, G. Iglesias
#754 Metocean Characterization of BiMEP for WEC Design A. Iturrioz, F. del Jesus, R. Guanche, A. Acevedo, H. Chiri, A. Abascal, A. Garcia, A. Espejo, I. Losada, D. Marina, Y. Torre-Enciso
#760 Wave and Tidal Power Measurement Using HF Radar L. Wyatt
#770 Performance Assessment of WECs: a Case Study N. Arean, R. Carballo, M. Sánchez, M. Alvarez, I. Lopez, M. Torres, G. Iglesias

Tidal Resource Characterization 1

West Wing Building, Room WW6

#807 Estimation of Tidal Peak Velocity by an Empirical Approach P. Garcia Novo, Y. Kyozuka, M. Tsuda
#672 A Resource Assessment to Inform Second-Generation Tidal-Stream Energy Device Design M. Lewis
#717 Training Wall Effects on Power Generation of Tidal Stream Turbine Arrays A. Schnabl, T. Adcock, G. Houlsby
#745 Comparison of 0-D,1-D and 2-D Model Capabilities for Tidal Range Energy Resource Assessments A. Angeloudis, M. Piggott, S. Kramer, A. Avdis, D. Coles, M. Christou

Wave Device Development & Testing 2

Kane Building, Room G01

#704 Effect of Solidity and Gap-to-Chord Ratio of a Biplane Wells Turbine T. Das, A. Samad
#725 Cost, Time and Risk Assessment of Different Wave Energy Converter Technology Development Trajectories J. Weber, J. Roberts
#729 U.S. Navy Wave Energy Test Site – Early Findings P. Cross, L. Vega, K. Rajagopalan, G. Nihous, N. Li, A. Rocheleau, P. Anderson
#735 Preparation of Wave Energy Test Site at the OIST Marine Science Station H. Takebe

Tidal Device Development & Testing 2

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#715 Challengers and Solution for a New Underwater Moored TEC L. Nuñez Rivas, A. Lopez Piñeiro, J. Somolinos Sanchez, M. Perez de la Portilla, R. Perez Fernandez
#727 Performance of an Adaptive Pitch Marine Turbine System in Turbulent Inflow R. Barber, C. Hill, P. Babuska, A. Aliseda, M. Motley
#731 Development of an Embedded Thin-Film Strain-Sensor-Based SHM Network for Composite Tidal Turbine Blades D. Zhao, M. Forde, B. Weafer
#773 Towing Tank and Flume Testing of Passively Adaptive Composite Tidal Turbine Blades R. Murray, S. Ordonez-Sanchez, K. Porter, D. Doman, M. Pegg, C. Johnstone

Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 2

Kane Building, Room G02

#657 A Frequency-Domain Model for a Novel Wave Energy Converter Y. Wei, J. Barradas Berglind, M. van Rooij, W. Prins, B. Jayawardhana, A. Vakis
#1207 Investigation into Energy Extraction using Pitch & Roll Motions for Wave Energy Converters A. Otter
#673 Deterministic Prediction of Irregular Incident Waves for Wave-by-Wave Control of Wave Energy Converters U. Korde, R. Robinett, III, G. Bacelli, D. Wilson, O. Abdelkhalik
#674 Energy Generation from Anti-Motion Device of Very Large Floating Structure Z. Tay

Tidal Hydrodynamic Modelling 2

Kane Building, Room G19

#711 Development of a Large-Eddy Simulation Approach for Tidal Currents Modelling. A. Bourgoin
#752 Numerical Modelling Techniques to Predict Rotor Imbalance Problems in Tidal Stream Turbines S. Ordonez-Sanchez, K. Porter, C. Johnstone, M. Allmark, T. O`Doherty, R. Ellis, C. Frost, T. Nevalainen
#758 Experimental Study of the Wakes due to Tidal Rotors and a Shared Cylindrical Support D. Lande-Sudall, T. Stallard, P. Stansby
#762 Spanwise Flow Corrections for Tidal Turbines A. Wimshurst


15:20-16:00 – Tea & Coffee

Devere Hall, Áras na Mac Léinn

Tea & coffee will be served daily where Exhibitions & Posters will be on display.

Janice O'Connell F22 Photography


16:00-17:20 – Paper Presentations 

Grid Integration, Power Take-Off & Control 2

Civil Engineering Building, Room G10

#728 Time-Varying Linear Quadratic Gaussian Optimal Control for Three-Degree-of-Freedom Wave Energy Converters O. Abdelkhalik, S. Zou, R. Robinett, U. Korde
#744 Pressure and Power Control of Hydrostatic Power Take-Offs in Wave Energy Applications D. Dießel, H. Murrenhoff
#747 Adaptive Control of a Wave Energy Converter Simulated in a Numerical Wave Tank J. Davidson, R. Genest, J. Ringwood
#757 Electric Machine Design for Wave Energy Converters N. Baker

Tidal Resource Characterization 2

West Wing Building, Room WW6

#750 Optimisation of Tidal Stream Turbine Arrays Within the Alderney Race D. Coles, S. Kramer, M. Piggott
#780 Numerical Modelling of Combined Wave, Tidal Current and Turbulence Interaction at Tidal Energy Sites in the Fall of Warness, Scotland V. Venugopal
#790 High-Resolution Numerical Model Resource Assessment of Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy R. Karsten, T. Roc, J. Culina, G. Trowse, M. O’Flaherty-Sproul
#829 Power Shedding from Stall and Pitch Controlled Tidal Stream Turbines M. Edmunds

Wave Device Development & Testing 3

Kane Building, Room G01

#784 Numerical and Physical Modeling of a Quayside Wave Energy Recovery System S. Neuvéglise, F. Marin, G. Perret, H. Smaoui, P. Sergent
#840 Optimising Structural Loading and Power Production for Floating Wave Energy Converters L. Barker Ewart
#802 Experimental Observation of Surface Currents Produced by WEC Radiation and Diffraction A. Fleming, R. Manasseh
#813 Improving Energy Capture by Varying the Geometry of a Novel Wave Energy Converter J. Chapman, J. LeDreff, G. Foster, G. Stockman, A. Brask

Tidal Device Development & Testing 3

Geography Building, Lecture Theatre

#775 Impact of Cables Withdraw Length on the Dynamics of an Undulating Membrane Tidal Energy Converter M. Trasch, G. Germain, A. Déporte
#794 Blockage Effects on Current Turbine Performance and Wake Characteristics H. Ross, B. Polagye
#799 Effectiveness of Low-Order Simulation in Predicting Cross-Flow Turbine Controller Performance D. Forbush, B. Polagye
#804 Application of Horizontal Axis Tidal Current Turbine to Energy Independent Island in Korea Y. Choi, S. Kim, P. Singh

Wave Hydrodynamic Modelling 3

Kane Building, Room G02

#679 Feasibility Study of Applying SPH in a Coupled Simulation Tool for Wave Energy Converter Arrays T. Verbrugghe, B. Devolder, J. Domínguez, A. Kortenhaus, P. Troch
#682 Multi-Parameter Optimization of Hybrid Arrays of Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters M. Giassi, M. Göteman, S. Thomas, J. Engström, M. Eriksson, J. Isberg
#699 Experimental Validation of Receding Horizon Pseudo-Spectral Control on a 1/20th Scale Hinge-Barge Wave Energy Converter F. Paparella, J. Ringwood
#707 Assessment of Numerical Wave Makers C. Windt, J. Davidson, P. Schmitt, J. Ringwood

Tidal Hydrodynamic Modelling 3

Kane Building, Room G19

#763 Development of a Hybrid Viscous/Inviscid Hydrodynamics Model for Marine Current Turbines F. Salvatore
#764 Experimental Study of the Marine Current Turbine Behaviour Submitted to Macro-Particle Impacts B. Gaurier, G. Germain, J. Facq, G. Pinon
#765 Comparison of Synthetic Turbulence Approaches for Two Numerical Tidal Turbine Models M. Togneri, I. Masters, C. Carlier, C. Choma Bex, G. Pinon
#771 Experimental Tidal Power Site Bathymetry Representation for Turbulence Characterization M. Ikhennicheu, G. Germain, B. Gaurier, P. Druault


17:30 -19:00 – Sponsored Side Session

Wave Energy Scotland: Progress and Plans 

O’Rahilly Building, Room 212



Now in its third year of existence, the WES programme is starting to yield results and this event will showcase developments in our current programmes. We will also share detail of future activities including international collaborations. To book a place on this event, please see our eventbrite page – 



20:00 -00:00 – EWTEC Nightclub

Rearden’s Bar, 26 Washington St, Centre, Cork

The evening’s festivities will begin in Rearden’s bar where Delegates will be served canapés and drinks while a local Cork band entertains them from The Hidden Attic. To finish off the evening Delegates will be move into Havana Brown’s where ‘Comhaltas’, a traditional Irish band, will be ready and waiting to provide Delegates with a taste of Irish nightlife.




Exceedence will host the EWTEC Band, A Band not yet formed and composed entirely of willing EWTEC attendees.

If you have talent or bravery and want to play in the band or sing then come along to Rearden’s on the 28th.

We will MC an open mic session and will have a range of instruments and musicians available to play. We have promises from some well knowns in the wave and tidal sector, Chris O’Donoghue, Tom Denniss, Cuan Boake, Richard Yemm, Cameron Johnstone, George Foley, Andrew Parish and Prof John Ringwood BUT we have room for plenty more. We will see you there.

Vintage Band Photo


GOLD Sponsor of EWTEC 2017