Guidelines for contribution

Paper selection

The selection is a two-stage process:

  • Abstract: First, a short abstract (max. 500 words) must be submitted by the author through the paper submission web page. In previous years, authors had been asked to upload a .pdf file. In EWTEC 2019, authors are only requested for the abstract to fill in the appropriate text box in the submission web page. It is possible for authors to upload images in their abstract submission. A selection Committee will examine all the abstracts submitted during this first period to ensure their suitability with respect to the EWTEC criteria. Papers falling outside the scope of EWTEC (as defined by the thematic tracks), papers consisting of commercial advertisement without any scientific or technical added value , or without novelty (except review papers), will be rejected. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL : 30 November 2018. (2nd extension)


  • Paper: Authors of accepted abstracts will then submit their full paper through the conference portal before the deadline.
    (1) Download the EWTEC2019 template – it contains detailed guidance.
    (2) Prepare your manuscript and export it to Adobe PDF.
    (3) Log in and follow the steps to submit your manuscript.

    Microsoft Word – Full paper template

    All papers will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers who are experts in the field and have been nominated by the EWTEC Technical Committee. During the review period, authors may be asked by the reviewer to amend, correct or revise their paper. The final selection will then be made following which authors will be informed of their presentation type (see below).

Presentation: Due to the limited number of slots for oral presentation during the Conference (~230), some papers will have to be presented as a poster in order to balance the session volume, depending on the final number of papers per track or per session. Nevertheless, all the accepted papers will be published in full in the archived proceedings of the 13th EWTEC Conference, regardless of their presentation type.

Author attendance

EWTEC presenter policy: papers accepted for oral or poster presentation will only be included in the published Proceedings under the condition that at least one author attend the conference to present it.

Each registered delegate will be allowed to present only one paper during EWTEC.

Copyright transfer

All the accepted and presented papers will be included in the Proceedings of the EWTEC Conference which will be permanently available for purchase here. When submitting an abstract, all authors are required to agree to a copyright notice.

Official language: English

All communication, presentations, papers and posters will be in English. No translation will be provided by EWTEC organizers.

EWTEC Publishing policy

The general EWTEC policy requires that authors should only submit original work that neither has appeared elsewhere for publication, nor is under review for another publication or conference. The submitting author is responsible for obtaining agreement of all co authors and any consent required from employers or sponsors before submitting an article. The EWTEC conference strongly discourages courtesy authorship; it is the obligation of the authors to cite only relevant prior work.