NANTES, the host city

A dynamic eco-city between river and ocean

Stroll along the Loire river or breathe in the scent of the Atlantic ocean! A unique place with a natural environment and history to thank for its unrivalled assets. Today Nantes Saint-Nazaire is the leading port in Western Europe and the leading shipbuilding hub in France.

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European Green Capital 2013

Be enchanted! In 2013, Nantes was the first French city to be named Green Capital of Europe (by the European Commission), with 60% natural spaces, the city offers a living environment that is both enriching for its inhabitants and welcoming for its visitors. Walk, pedal, get out, exert yourself, take a stroll, work… you be the one to invent your green city.

From here, reach Paris in 2 hours on the High Speed Trains and access the major capitals from Nantes international airport. And if you fancy a change, sail over to Spain and Ireland along the only European Motorway of the Sea.

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The economic beacon of the West

Dare to experience one of tomorrow’s great European cities! Here, industrial tradition boldly reinvents itself alongside its worldclass sectors. What if, by 2030, you could be one of the million people working and doing business in this area?

An eco-city shaped by art

Open your eyes! On the occasion of A Journey to Nantes, you might stumble across a giant elephant, the fantastic Marine Worlds Carousel “unique Art installation of
the year 2014 – THEA Awards”. You could also end up at the “Escal’Atlantic” ocean liner adventure at Saint-Nazaire’s incredible submarine base. Dotted with unique works of contemporary art, the “Estuary” walk offers a new way to discover the river!

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Our artists are shaking up the world’s great cities

Creativity and endeavour know no limits! Whether you are in Tokyo, Bilbao, Warsaw or elsewhere, you had the chance to attend the world’s largest classical music festival, La Folle Journée (which began in Nantes) or the giants show by street theatre company Royal De Luxe.

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Nantes Saint Nazaire Metropolis stats

-800000 inhabitants, 6th largest French city

-60000 students, 2000 researchers

-45000 companies, 364000 jobs

-1st maritime port facing the Atlantic

-2nd largest aeronautic centre in France

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